Sports Flooring

We offer Sports Floors for both indoor and outdoor that are highly durable and perfectly finished and suited for facilities that can match sports performance with optimal safety and comfort.

We use the products those are accredited by the concerned sports councils/ authorities to provide the certifications for each sports surface.

Acrylic Sports Flooring

It is Ideal for basketball, volleyball, handball, football and tennis external courts. Suitable for sports centres, schools, fitness centres, pavements. It is cost effective and can be installed easily.

Indoor acrylic sports flooring system ideal for multipurpose halls, gym floors, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, as well as any other indoor sports court. Acrylic is applied on prefabricated shock-pads.

Rubber Sports Flooring for Indoor & Outdoor

We supply and install volleyball, handball, basketball, football courts and multipurpose courts systems with high quality rubber flooring.

We also provide rubber sheet and tiles for Gym and Fitness Centres from renowned manufacturers all over the world.

floor solution qatar
floor solution qatar

Vinyl Sports Flooring – Indoor

We supply and install different types of Vinyl Sports Flooring for different kind of indoor sport activities.

The safety of a sports flooring depends both on its ability to absorb shocks and the type of sport being played.

We provide Vinyl Sports Flooring for the following facilities;

Multi-Sports Halls, University Gyms
School Gyms
Aerobic Halls
Yoga Studios
Competitive Sports etc

Our Vinyl Sports Flooring installers are experts in all types of Vinyl Sports Flooring and can install Vinyl Floorings with the required game line markings.

Wooden Sports Flooring

We supply & install Wood Sports Flooring suitable for School Gymnasiums, Multipurpose Halls, Volleyball Court, Tennis Court, Badminton Court and Squash Court as per client’s requirements and following the guidelines of the relevant sports authorities.

Our wooden flooring installers are experts in all types of wooden sports flooring and can install wooden floorings with the required game line markings.

Artificial Grass Flooring

Our synthetic turf systems include baseball turfs, football turfs and indoor turf etc.
Our artificial turf manufactures are affiliated by international sports councils and organizations.

floor solution qatar