Entrance Mats

We supply and install Entrance Mats for different applications areas;
Entrance mats provide an effective barrier against dirt and moisture at entrances, access points and circulation areas.
Our Manufactures are fully equipped to provide the entrance mat with the logo of the clients.


It reduces slip accidents
Increase the life cycle of surrounding floorcoverings
It reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Flooring Accessories

Profiles: We carry a wide range of profiles, stair rod, stair nosing & Edge trim for all the floor transition requirements.
Underlays: We supply Underlays for Carpets and Wood Flooring based on the application area.
Underlay protects the heavy wear and increase the lifespan of the flooring, absorb impact and give comfort, improve insulation and reduce noise.
Wall Base/Skirting: We supply Rubber and Vinyl Skirting that runs along the border between the interior wall and the floor.
Self-levelling Compound – It is very much important to make the subfloor even and smooth before the application of any floor coverings. Self-levelling compound is used in the preparation of laying most floor coverings to create an even surface.